Best Casino Roulette Games: How to Bet with Bitcoin

Types of roulette games

Casino roulette games have been around for hundreds of years and continue to gain popularity around the world due to its simplistic game rules and easy to understand layouts. Nowadays, you'll find a plethora of roulette games in the online gaming market with a simple click of a button, allowing you to enjoy your favourite titles from the comfort of your own home or through your mobile device while you are out and about.

Before you start placing your bets on red and black, odds, or even or straight bets, you should first learn how to bet in roulette and understand the different types of casino roulette games you'll come across while playing online or in a land-based casino setting. There are huge differences between each roulette game and if you don't know what to look for, you might lose more money than you intended.

At Free Roulette Canada, we will show you how to bet on roulette on a wide variety of different casino roulette games, even if you choose to play with Bitcoin, and explain the differences you'll encounter on the most popular casino roulette games on the planet. Make sure that before you delve into this page, you should first understand the basics as there may not be much of the basics here.

Casino Roulette Games - American Roulette

Generally more popular in America, United Kingdom and even in Asian countries, American Roulette is one of the most common types of casino roulette games today. If you already know the basics of the game and how to bet, then you ought to know already that there are a wheel and a table in casino roulette games, and the main and distinct characteristic of this American version, is that it has 38 divisions or slots.

The 38 divisions consist of the 1 to 36 numbers with red and black colors alternating throughout the wheel while the extra divisions come in a green color which includes 0 and 00. The types of bets you can make in this game are also the same as any other game as there are inside bets and group bets or outside bets. For inside bets, you could include 0 and 00 in your bets. No Deposit Casino Bonuses for Roulette

Casino Roulette Games - European Roulette

It should be obvious already that this game is more popular when it comes to European countries. However, you need not worry because even if you play this type of casino roulette game in Canada or other places in the world, you still wouldn't find it hard to adapt. This is due to the fact that there's only a single difference between European roulette and the American version - that's the 00 division.

The European version only has 37 divisions which include the 0 green division. Like the American Roulette, playing it would also provide you with the option to place inside and outside bets and get winning prizes based on where the ball lands after the spin of the dealer happen. It's also worth mentioning that the return to player ratio in European roulette is far more attractive when compared to American Roulette. While playing American roulette, you will have a house edge of 5.26. However, when you play European roulette, you will have a house edge of only 2.3%. This is quite useful when you are learning how to bet on roulette as a beginner.

Casino Roulette Games - French Roulette

French roulette comes equipped with the same betting options and wheel layout as European roulette, making it another fantastic option when you want to learn how to bet on roulette even when using Bitcoin. The betting layout of French roulette is slightly different when compared to European roulette but still features the same outside bets, just in a different layout. The main difference between the two variations is the added rules you'll find in French roulette.

The first rule you'll come across in French roulette is called La Partage. This rule will basically give you half your bet back whenever you place an outside bet and the ball lands in the zero pocket. The La Partage rule also makes the house edge more attractive to the player due to the fact that the player will receive half their bet back when the ball lands in the zero pocket. The second rule added in French roulette is called the En Prison rule. This rule works hand-in-hand with the La Partage rule. Whenever you make an outside bet and the ball lands in the zero pocket, you will get the option to choose whether you want half your bet back or whether you want to leave your bet on the table for another round of betting.

Roulette Casinos


The different types of casino roulette games we explained above are only the traditional types of games you may have known already. Aside from them, you'll be able to see Modern and Classic options across the internet, with heaps of variations to boot. The classic variants include American, Europe, and the French version of the game.

The modern versions you'll find online come equipped with unique side bets, different payout structures, amazing layouts, and captivating bet options that you simply won't find when learning how to bet on roulette in a land-based casino. Some of the most popular casino roulette games you'll find online include:

  • Lucky Star
  • Pinball Roulette
  • Double Ball Roulette
  • 3D Roulette
  • Multi-Wheel Roulette
  • Marvel Roulette

Random Number Generators

When you play online, you'll see casino roulette games that are generated digitally. How do they work? They simply make use of Random Number Generators, providing you with a fair way of playing the game. However, there are some out there with skepticism regarding the RNG and this makes it critical to not be blown away by bonus options of a site and instead, look into whether they are regulated properly and have the right credentials proving their guaranteed fair play.

Live Dealer Options

If you find yourself wanting to have a more immersive experience where the results are not determined by a Random Number Generator, then the live dealer option is certainly going to be your cup of tea. Although that is something that you'll be able to enjoy through your computer as well, the way it works is vastly different. Not only would you be seeing dealers that are real people, but you'll also be able to really play with them through the internet. In the live dealer option, the spinning and the winning process are done by real people and thus, no random number generator is made use of.

What makes live dealer roulette so attractive is the fact that you can place an assortment of bets against real live dealers and see every detail of the process thanks to multiple camera angles that provide feedback in full HD quality. You will also benefit from realistic sound effects and the opportunity to interact with real live dealers and other online players in real-time thanks to the addition of a live chat facility. Whether you want to learn how to bet on roulette with bitcoin or simply want to avoid an RNG, live dealer games are the future when it comes to casino roulette games. Best Roulette Games

Differences Between These Games

RNG and Live Dealer Games, along with American, European, French, and Modern Roulette games, have diverse differences that set them apart from each other. This means that it is extremely crucial for you to learn how to bet on roulette game first before you play it. If possible, you should also take advantage of some form of a bonus, that would allow you to test the waters, to ensure that you're picking the right game.